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  • Two Side Coated Art Paper & Board
     Moorim – Neo Star, Korea Origin -- For various types of books and high-quality print materials such as magazines, catalogues, brochures, and calendars -- A premium double-coated paper, the first in Korea to be manufactured using the 4 Head Double-Coating System based on the Pre-Pre-Top-Top method, and Moorim’s representative product -- High-quality, non-glossy paper with a beautiful, soft color Hainan – Hikote, China Origin APPLICATIONS: Premium Promotional Materials, Top Quality Magazines, A..
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  • Copier Paper & Other Cut Size Paper
    PAPERONE Copier April Fine – Paperone Copier 70 Gsm, 75 Gsm & 80 Gsm. Indonesia Origin Engineered for high speed and high volume copying Made for laser printers and high-volume copiers, PaperOneTM Copier offers consistent smoothness and performance to ensure that each print is achieved with high quality and free from production problems. Graphics and text will both appear sharp and easy to read, even to the most demanding users. With ProDigiTM Nanotechnology, PaperOneTM Copier paper also helps preserve printer dr..
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  •  Wood Free Paper
    April Fine, Indonesia Origin PAPERONE Offset Premium Paper Printers and converters look to PaperOne™ Offset Premium Paper for a friendly, high-quality, all-round offset paper when they produce documents in large qualities. Whether it is used to print brochures or financial reports, the paper supports higher machine speeds and reduces ink usage and dusting at the same time. It is also easy to bind, stitch and fold in the finishing process. Available in high-bright white shade, the paper is produced using pulp from renewable p..
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  • Mirror Coated Paper
    Pindo – Arcadia, Indonesia Origin Arcadia 2000 is a new, top quality premium cast coated paper specifically designed for luxury products - wine and liquor labels, premium magazines and other high end products. It is available from 80 to 350 gsm ..
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  • Thermal Paper Reel
    Chenming, China Origin Gold Hua Sheng, China Origin Excellent Printing Adaptability / Clear Image and Text / Long Shelf Life / Applicable for several label methods. End Use Converted into label products such as electronic label、logistic label and other printing labels. ..
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  • Cup Stock Base Paper
    April Fine, China Origin Chenming, China Origin ..
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  • Folding Box Board
    Ningbo Fold, China Folding box board with bulk of 1.35 to 1.4. Even grammage distribution for better formation and good printing results. Triple coating on the top side gives high smoothness and better printing performance. FDA complaint for direct food contact. Robinson Test Certificate-For chocolate and confestionery packaging. Suitable for laser marking numbers(Production date and batch number etc..) Chenming – Poplar Folding Box Board, China Grammage range :190 - 400g / m2 The main ..
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  • Newsprint Paper
    White Birch, Canada Today BD White Birch Paper Investment LLC operates four pulp and paper mills under the White Birch Paper name; three in Canada andone in the United States of America. Together, these mills produce more than1.3 million tons of newsprint and directory paper with up to 50 percent recycled content. Headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, White Birch Paper manufactures and ships paper products to customers in North America and all over the world. BEAR ISLAND, Ashland, Virginia , USA. F.F. SOUCY, Riviè..
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  • LWC Paper
    Chenming ..
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